Sunday, January 15, 2017

Victor Christian Science Church lives on in image

Iconic lost Victor landmark inspires Bon Jovi album cover, song

By Rob Carrigan,

Though long neglected and eventually demolished, the Victor Christian Science Church building continues to inspire and capture the imagination of many who never saw it, says recent information from the Victor Heritage Society.
“An iconic depiction of the Victor Christian Science Church created by photographer Jerry Uelsmann appeared in the introduction to THE OUTER LIMITS, a television show originally broadcast from 1963-65 and recreated for syndication from 1998-2002,” according to the Society.  
“A similar depiction appears as artwork on the cover of a studio album released by the rock band Bon Jovi in November of 2016.  For some, the Uelsmann image depicts a house anchored by deep roots.  Reportedly the image was the inspiration for the album's lead single, "This House Is Not for Sale" and Jon Bon Jovi said ‘That picture told our story…now it’s our album cover’.”
For more details and recently added historic photos of this Lost Victor Landmark, click on this highlighted link to the "Preservation Successes & Challenges" page of Victor Heritage Society web site and scroll to the "Lost Victor Landmarks" section near the bottom of the page.​

  1. "First Church of Christ Scientist, Victor, Colorado," Skolas photo contributed by LaJean Greeson.
  2. Originally constructed in 1900 as a saloon and bowling alley, subsequently converted to a church.
  3. Christian Science Church building before demolition in 2000. One stain glass window may be all that survives.
  4. Bon Jovi album cover.

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