Sunday, May 3, 2015

Question & Answer with Corban Bryant of Purnaa

Tribune: Going forward, what plans are in the works for recovery?
Bryant: Our plan is to start work on Tuesday! We've had some gifts from friends in the U.S. that have helped our employees with emergency cash and we plan to support those that have to relocate.

Tribune: Does this change your mission there, from what you initially envisioned? 
Bryant: This doesn't change our mission. We are here to create good jobs for people with no opportunities. Now is a time our work is especially needed.

Tribune: Can you tell us anything about how you and family are dealing with the crisis on a personal level?
Bryant: Our family are all very tired and frazzled, but we can't imagine leaving. There have been over 50 aftershocks and each one gets our hearts racing. 
Photo Information:
1. At the time this photo was taken: "We have confirmed about 90% of Purnaa staff are OK after the earthquake. We are trying to contact a few remaining people," Bryant said.
2.  Photos are from staff who were assisting in removing rubble in the Patan area. 
3. An earlier photo before the earthquake shows the #Purnaa team rocking the Fashion Revolution Nepal Event. "Thankful to be a part of bringing awareness and change to the garment industry in Nepal and globally."
4.  Crowds in the streets dealing with the damage.
5. One of our employees, Bikash G, found a group of 40 small girls from an orphanage that have been left to fend for themselves. We were able to buy them food and a tarp to keep them out of the rain and Bikash is staying with them to make sure they are OK. So many people left to take care of themselves.
6. The last few days all of the Purnaa staff have been coming to the office for community lunch. We've processed the trauma of the quake together and tried to meet immediate needs. The kids are waiting patiently for food to be ready. ‪#‎respondtonepal‬ ‪#‎purnaa‬
7. The last two days we've been inspecting Purnaa staff members homes to see if they can move back in. This staff members house has a crack from the ground to roof along the front wall, which could result in the front wall falling forward during an aftershock (we continue to have them even a weeks after the initial quake.) We have already moved this family out and found them temporary housing. 

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