Sunday, March 22, 2015

Adult and senior day care provides respite for caregivers

Suddenly, it is all just too hard. A person needs a break.
"The most important thing is that the caregivers are healthy. It is a 24-hour-a-day job," says Sonja Search of Lifting Spirits, Adult and Senior Day Care Center, of Palmer Lake.
Search describes the business as providing quality day services and companionship for adults and senior in a safe and comfortable setting. "We assist families by providing services needed to keep loved ones living at home while maximizing their independence and personal dignity."
Search began working with seniors in 2009 after being trained as a Certified Nurse Assistant.
"Years ago my father became chronically ill and my mother became his primary caretaker. Not unusual for a spouse, but I saw how the constant 24/7 responsibility tired her. I thought how different here experience could have been if she just had a few hours of respite for herself," she said of her reason for founding the business.
"It is the caregiver, as well as the patient, who needs a break. Having a cup of coffee with a friend, going shopping or just taking a few minutes to relax. These are necessities, not luxuries. But without a safe, clean, caring environment for your loved one, the necessities are difficult to accomplish."
Making the business prosper has not been easy however.
"I need to create a steady flow of clients," Search says, and like many businesses trying to get the word out, there has been some confusion about what services are offered.
"With my name Lifting Spirits, maybe they think I am a liquor store or a pot shop," she says.
She is inspected by the state of Colorado, Department of Health certified, and Qualified Medication Administration Personnel (QMAP) and can accommodate as many as eight clients, (without adding staff) with a private pay rate of $10 per hour.
"I don't know what I would do without her," says Stella Nicholson, who sometimes employs Lifting Spirits for care her husband Lloyd. "One of the main things seems to be the isolation. I felt almost ashamed, as I was seeing Lloyd lose pieces of himself. The important message is, you should not be ashamed, and you need to reach out and tell people that. I don't want to be shut off, and I want others to know about it, and use our resources."
Gary Coleman, and his son Travis frequent stop in at Lifting Spirits because his son enjoys the interaction and playing games there. "I didn't know her, but was looking for a place to set up our train," Gary says. "It's a nice place, and everyone is well-accepted. I was surprised to find out how she takes care of seniors and thought, Wow, what a cool idea."
The Colemans set up their 'N'-gauge Polar Express train there around Christmas time.
"She recognizes each person as unique. I am impressed with the operation and care," says Gary Coleman.


Photo 1:
Travis Coleman, Sonja Search, Joe Brockett and Letty Clark playing a variation of poker to keep sharp Friday at Lifting Spirits Adult and Senior Day Care Center in Palmer Lake.

Photo 2:
Letty Clark working on some knitting.

Photo 3:
Comforts of home at Lifting Spirits.

Photo 4:
Joe Brockett explains his answer in the midst of the game.

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