Sunday, November 4, 2012

A guy with a sense of humor

Maybe it was time to get serious. Have to laugh about  it.

 By Rob Carrigan,

He was probably trying to help, but it only added to our legend.
“The first glass is for myself, the second for my friends, the third for good humor, and the fourth, for my enemies.” The coach christened us something like ‘the beer-bottle brothers,’ and started calling us “Adolph (Coors)” and “Bud,” respectively. I always liked a guy with a sense of humor.
Drawn together because we were smaller than the rest.
And perhaps because of it, we thought we had to be funnier. Most of the time, we were.
At least I was laughing.
Early ‘Saturday Night Live’ funny. John Bulushi in ‘Animal House’ funny, Jack Black, and ‘Vote for Pedro’ strange, and funny. “Are you out of your Vulcan mind?” funny.
There was another element. Our lives were not perfect. There were different darknesses that needed laughed at. That edge, when dipped in humor, was easier to take.
I have never seen such a skinny dude, before or since.
Among the nicknames embraced, “The White Bone.”
You also have a way of surprising us, unpleasantly. Shock value.
I still can’t bring myself to describe what you did to that windshield on the way to Grand Junction on one road trip. Don’t think the driver has ever recovered.
We even gave ourselves names and numbers. Vorachos (misspelled Spanish drunks).
We gave ourselves a lot of lee way. So did others.
In college, beer tops spidered the ceiling. Ice slipped by. Women and girls, came and went. Cars were wrecked. Priorities re-accessed.
Maybe it was time to get serious.
Have to laugh about  it.
Come see us out in California. Visit, when you are back in town.  Springs in Steamboat and Pagosa.
Then, we made a trip out north and east. Our friend, he is not here for long.
I can see it in his eyes.
At the funeral, then, I saw the look in your eyes -- when his kids turned loose the balloons.
But you laughed when you saw the pith helmet.
Add it all up to legend.
Appreciate it. I always liked a guy with a sense of humor.


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