Monday, July 11, 2011

Salute in silence

By Rob Carrigan,

"I wish I could find words to express the trueness, the bravery, the hardihood, the sense of honor, the loyalty to their trust and to each other of the old trail hands. They kept their places around the herd under all circumstances, and if they had to fight, they were always ready. Timid men were not among them — the life did not fit them. I wish could convey in language, the feeling of companionship we had for one another. Despite all that has been said of him, the old-time cowboy is the most mis-understood man on earth. May the flowers prosper on his grave and ever bloom, for I can only salute him in silence."
__ Charlie Goodnight.

Photo: Charles Goodnight and W.D. Reynolds sitting on a porch. Photo taken at Reynolds' home on Summit Avenue in Ft. Worth about a year before Goodnight's death. Reynolds was a cowboy for the Loving-Goodnight cattle drives of 1866 and 1867.

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